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Solar thermal

(Photo Voltaic or solar electric panels) These panels use the radiation from the sun to generate electricity.

(solar water heaters) These collectors use the radiation from the sun to heat water directly



  • Versatility : The energy you harvest can be used to power almost anything in your house or business
  • Utilization: You will be able to utilize almost all of the energy you harvest by using it directly or by selling to it to the grid and buying it back later for the same price.
  • Mounting Arrangement: PV panels can be mounted almost anywhere, even fairly long distances from your electrical service.
  • Efficiency: These collectors are very efficient. They are rated at 70%-75% efficient.
  • Payback: These collectors will pay for themselves in 5-10 years by saving you energy. Hot water is is usually 30% of home energy use and often more in commercial applications.
  • Cost: These collectors cost less than half as much as PV panels to harvest the same amount of energy.
  • Space: These collectors take up only a third of the space of a PV array to harvest the same amount of energy.
  • Wind loading: Tube collectors only catch about a third as much wind as a solid panel.



  • Efficiency: Pv panels are rated at only 9%-15% efficiency.
  • Wind loading: The solid panels catch much more wind than tube collectors.
  • Cost: For the ammount of energy you can harvest PV panels cost at least twice as much.
  • Space: PV panels take 3 times as much space as solar thermal.
  • Payback: Because of their higher cost the payback is longer than thermal collectors but still only 10 - 20 years.
  • Mounting arrangement: Thermal collectors have to be mounted as close as possible to the water heater tank.
  • Utilization: On very sunny days the thermal collector may harvest more energy than you can store so you may not capture all the available solar energy.
  • Versatility: These collectors only make hot water. The energy can not power any other loads.