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Start Up Package: A four panel system with Micro inverters. (1000W) Starting at just $3200 installed!

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Free estimate and energy audit! 

Solar panel prices have come down so much that almost every system achieves payback in less than 9 years. some as little as 6-7 years.


Check out our photo gallery for pictures of newest completed projects.





If you own a business you can also benifit from solar. Commercial systems have a lower cost per watt due to economies of scale.  That means that your return on investment will be quicker than smaller residential systems. You can also utilize the 30%

 federal tax cerdit. Through 2022 You can depreciate the value of a solar system 100% in the first year as well.





For all your roofing needs (including prep work for solar installation) we recommend contacting Tim Cottrell at

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