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Special Offer

Start Up Package: A four panel system with Micro inverters. (1000W) Starting at just $3200 installed!

What's New.

Free estimate and energy audit! 

Solar panel prices have come down so much that almost every system achieves payback in less than 9 years. some as little as 6-7 years.


Check out our photo gallery for pictures of newest completed projects.




Non profit Organizations

If you operate a non profit organization you can also benifit from solar power. It can reduce your operating expenses so that you can do more of what you are really there to do with your budget.


Although the Federal tax credit does not normally apply to non profits because of their Tax exempt status, there are now ways to use the tax credit to offset 15% of your cost of an installed system.



For all your roofing needs (including prep work for solar installation) we recommend contacting Tim Cottrell at

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